Company Profile

Habib-ADM Limited and its subsidiary companies produce and market a wide range of rice based starch sugars, protein concentrates, and derivatives. Popular starch sugars include Clarified Rice Syrups, Brown Rice Syrups, High Fructose Syrup, Rice Syrup Solids, Maltitol Syrup, Sorbitol Syrup, and Maltodextrins – all essential ingredients for the food, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries.

As pioneers in producing starch sugars from rice, the company has consistently diversified its product range. Determined efforts and significant investments in R&D Since 1982 has made HAL the most diversified producer of rice products in the world. Apart from the widest product range, HAL is also the only 100% vertically integrated producer – sourcing raw rice paddy directly from the farmers, processing it into various products and converting some of these into confectionery items to be sold in retail markets to household consumers. This vertical integration ensures the farmer receives the best possible values for his crop while the final consumer is able to buy the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

In order to promote and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and efficient management practices, the businesses are run by highly qualified family members and professionals dedicated to the Group’s founding principle "deliver better than bargained for".

Take Advantage of HAL’s Experience
HAL has been in production since 1982 with over 34 years experience in the industry, Habib-ADM is committed to consistently develop new products and also offers customer-specific, tailor made products – if you have a specific requirement not available elsewhere, its likely Habib-ADM can produce it for you.

HAL employs some of the country’s brightest and most qualified professionals, provides them access to the latest technology and techniques, and empowers them to perform at their best time and time again. Production processes are consistently reviewed and upgraded wherever possible; new methods are developed, tested, and implemented if found to be better; control systems repeatedly tested, audited, and strengthened; all measures are taken to ensure HAL remains the most advanced and dependable supplier offering customers the highest quality products.

In order to further strengthen production processes and quality controls, HAL’s production facilities, are compliant with cGMPs, are ISO 9001:22000 and HACCP Certified as well Kosher and Organic.